We have +5 years of experience.

CLUB SPORT & BIEN ETRE is a very high-level sports complex with the latest generation equipment. Whatever your age, whether you are allergic to sport or seasoned athlete, Club Sport et Bien-être has everything planned and offers you different activities.

Each class is structured in sequences for optimal stimulation of the cardiovascular system, muscles and joints while preserving everyone's physical integrity. Without forgetting balance and coordination exercises, recommended to maintain and strengthen psychomotor skills. All activities are dynamic and developed around music, they each have specificities that make them complementary.


Specific equipment such as free weights, cardiovascular machines, strength equipment, treadmills, spinning bikes, etc.


Qualified and knowledgeable staff who can help you achieve your fitness goals by providing advice and training programs tailored to your needs.


We have an active and engaged community of over 500 members who can help you stay motivated and inspired as you pursue your fitness goals.


We offer additional services such as fitness classes, spinning/RPM, group training, swimming pool, children's taekwondo classes etc.